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At a time in which every brand is required to be a publisher, we believe that technology should be at the center of how we approach content creation. We leverage a creative department composed by thousands of professional filmmakers, photographers, designers and storytellers.

How is it possible?

Our work is never over

We’ve produced content for hundreds of brands all over the world.
Here’s a few of our favorites.


Video production/Project management

Since 1977, Maruchan has produced America’s favorite ramen noodles. Born from the dream of creating convenient, high quality and affordable noodles for all.

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Video production/Project management

BIC is a family-owned company and a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers. For more than 60 years, BIC has honored the tradition of providing high-quality, simple, inventive and reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time.

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Video production/Project Management

Lexus is a high-end automotive company that has taken inspired design, relentless innovation and uninhibited performance and turns them into passionate, moving experiences. But, that's only part of their DNA. They're equally dedicated to offering exceptional customer experiences. And in doing so, creating loyalty throughout the world—not just with the people who buy our vehicles, but the people in the communities around us.

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Video production/Distribution

T-Mobile’s Simple Global gives its customers unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries and destinations—at no extra cost. We wanted to inspire those customers to travel, to get off-the-beaten path…

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Schweid & Sons

Video production/Project Management

For 40 years the Schweid & Sons company has been producing high-quality, delicious beef for their customers. They wanted to tell their story through a docu-style/heritage video, and see how different filmmakers would approach it.

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Video production/Project Management

GreatCall is leading the way in connected health and safety solutions for active aging, and their innovative suite of products and services work together to allow older adults to age the way they want and give family caregivers peace of mind.

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Video production/Project Management

WD-40® Brand celebrates those who live life hands on in their profession, in their communities, and in their homes. Their products augment customers’ hands on lifestyles, professions, and hobbies, making the things they already love to do even more possible.

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Bissell BarkBath

Video production/Project Management

BISSELL’s BarkBath is an all-in-one system easing the difficulties and virtually eliminating mess associated with dog bathing. Through fun, family friendly and lighthearted storytelling, filmmakers created 30 to 45 second videos showcasing how the BarkBath can turn messy dogs from duds to studs.

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Video production/Project Management

With over 1.7 million vehicles available across 85 countries, Enterprise is there for wherever life takes you. Enterprise—in collaboration with St. Louis agency Cannonball— came to Zooppa for help in executing on their “Making Tracks” video campaign.

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Video production/Project Management

Ketchum, one of the world’s leading public relations and advertising firms, came to Zooppa in need of an engaging video supporting the launch of Zespri’s summer campaign for SunGold Kiwis.

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Over the course of five projects with the brand, the Zooppa community produced over 2,000 graphic designs inspired by Mike’s HARDER Lemonade flavors, with the winning designs being printed on the cans and distributed across the country.

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Ferrero Rocher

Video production

We were contacted by Ferrero Rocher's Global Marketing to carry out an open global contest aimed at collecting videos from all over the world. The videos were to be used eventually for online and offline communication activities, including events and conferences. We were also asked to produce a video mash-up to be used for an internal company event.

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Videos/Mobile app

To develop engaging social content igniting their target market, eHarmony worked directly with hand selected Zooppa filmmakers on the production of seven videos, all based on unique concepts developed by the filmmakers.

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Syrp Everyday Humans


To inspire filmmakers to share engaging stories for their online film series, Everyday Humans, film gear company Syrp hosted an open project on Zooppa, calling for short documentaries focusing on an everyday human and the unique characteristics that make them tick.

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