Maruchan: ‘Time Flies’ and ‘Noodles from Coast-to-Coast’

Since 1977, Maruchan has produced America’s favorite ramen noodles. Born from the dream of creating convenient, high quality and affordable noodles for all. In preparation for the Back-to-School season, AMP Agency approached Zooppa with a production opportunity for our network.

The Mission

Maruchan Inc. was established in 1953 by Japanese visionary, Kazuo Mori, who sought to create a convenient, high quality and affordable noodle product for all the people of the world. In 1977, after gaining popularity in Japan, Maruchan started manufacturing ramen and smiles from Irvine, CA.

Today, Maruchan is a half a billion dollar brand in the U.S. with manufacturing facilities across the country, bringing consumers all the classic Maruchan favorites as well as exciting new products and flavors each year. Maruchan aims to promote mouth-watering goodness that will get people to drop what they’re doing, sit down with each other and share their best ramen dishes. With great consistency, comes greater quality.

LA-based, marketing agency AMP Agency created two concepts and creative territories that Maruchan wanted to tackle. ‘Time Flies’ emphasized Maruchan’s convenient meal solutions for busy, active lifestyles while ‘Noodles from Coast-to-Coast” highlighted noodles as the string that ties us together across continents, cultures, and tables. Maruchan wanted to highlight the mission of providing a range of high-quality meal options that save you time, so you can spend it with the people who matter.

Our approach

Zooppa assigned a dedicated project manager to support AMP and Maruchan through the entire pre-, production and post production process. We helped select locations for the shoot and joined the agency and client on set in LA to help oversee the shoot. In addition to this, the project manager provided weekly updates, streamlined all communication efforts, and oversaw the revisions and delivery of all content and issued final payment to the creative team.

The results

From flawless production to their endless professionalism, working with Zooppa was an absolute pleasure!


AMP Agency and Maruchan were very happy with the result of the project. The final :30 and :15 second broadcast commercial aired during the back-to-school season, targeting families returning to a busy schedule from summer vacation. There were also cuts created for social media that are scheduled to be shared on Instagram stories and in the feed in the near future.

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