Active Aging Stories

GreatCall is leading the way in connected health and safety solutions for active aging, and their innovative suite of products and services work together to allow older adults to age the way they want and give family caregivers peace of mind.

The Mission

GreatCall’s goal was to produce a series 4 minute documentary style films that together could tell a story about aging and technology in America. While including a GreatCall product in the story wasn’t discouraged, the team at GreatCall wanted to tell a bigger story. They wanted to show how technology in general is changing the ageing process in a positive way, and gather different perspectives of how older adults perceive these changes.

Zooppa filmmakers were asked to find a subject that inspired them - a grandparent/parent, neighbor, mentor, community member, teacher, etc. - and have a conversation with them about tech and aging. How had technology changed their life? How did it change throughout their life? How has it allowed them to live life the way they want? And why does that matter?

Our approach

GreatCall wanted to collect many different stories from a variety of filmmakers all across the country. To accommodate, Zooppa established an open project available to our US-based network of creatives. GreatCall was provided with a dedicated Zooppa project manager who supported them throughout the production process. The project manager was tasked with providing the client with bi-weekly updates, streamlining all communication as well as handling the revisions and payments to winning filmmakers.

The Results

GreatCall received a total of 32 short film submissions from 29 Zooppa community filmmakers, ranging from playful, to honest, and serious, to inspirational. The winners were selected based on their ability to tell a compelling narrative, to showcase how technology has impacted the aging process, and their overall originality.

At the close of the project, GreatCall purchased eight full videos. After further reviewing the quality of submissions, GreatCall decided there was more to be leveraged from the content. They asked the top four winning Zooppa filmmakers to produce a :30 trailer for their video, and all eight winners to extract high quality image stills and write a blog post to accompany their videos on GreatCall’s website.

At GreatCall, we make technology for older adults, and their stories inspire us every day. Working with Zooppa allowed us to tap into a vast network of creative talent, and gather real stories, of real people, from every corner of the country. We hope that by sharing these films, we’ll be able to start a conversation about aging

Erin Quintero, Manager, Content Marketing at GreatCall

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