Making tracks

With over 1.7 million vehicles available across 85 countries, Enterprise is there for wherever life takes you. Enterprise—in collaboration with St. Louis agency Cannonball— came to Zooppa for help in executing on their “Making Tracks” video campaign.

Zooppa in collaboration with Enterprise and Cannonball

The Mission

Find an act, rent a car, take a roadtrip. Filmmakers got free reign on this project, selecting their own starting points and final destinations. The catch? Enterprise wanted an original song from each act.

This project was one of our coolest yet. Enterprise wasn’t just looking for any weekend getaway story. They wanted to hear authentic, undiscovered voices from across the country. That meant sourcing three killer acts, three unique sounds and three filmmakers talented enough to keep up with them.

“Who is this band? What fuels their creativity and drives their passion?” By answering these questions, the videos took on a life of their own.

Filmmakers were tasked to create a 1-3 minute docustyle video, including a full original song recording.

Our approach

Zooppa invited eight of our top-tier filmmakers to pitch their vision for this project. These creatives came from all parts of the U.S., each of them with a different band to pitch for a total of eight unique groups After careful evaluation of all eight creative pitches, three were chosen to take the trip.

Start to finish, this project was filmed, edited and delivered to the client in just 6 weeks. To help Enterprise realize their vision for this campaign we:

  • Wrote, conceptualized and finalized a creative brief that would attract top-tier talent to the project
  • Sourced eight of our handpicked creatives and guided them through the pitching process
  • Assisted Canonnball in selecting three finalists
  • Coordinated production and shooting schedules with the creatives
  • Provided the Cannonball team with weekly production updates
  • Collected feedback from the Cannonball team for filmmaker revisions
  • Delivered the final revised videos to the client, sent out creative payments

These videos were used on all Enterprise digital marketing channels.

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