Bissell Barkbath

Pet happens

For 140 years and counting, Michigan-based BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has developed innovative floor care solutions that make cleaning easier. As the top-selling brand in floor care appliances, BISSELL understands that fuller lives often mean more messes, and that convenient cleaning tools help us embrace life's messier moments.

The Mission

Of all household chores, BISSELL knows dog bathing is one of the toughest. From wrestling Fido into the bath, dealing with soggy fur, and cleaning up after the war, everybody wants to pawn the burden. BISSELL’s BarkBath is an all-in-one system easing the difficulties and virtually eliminating mess associated with dog bathing.

Through fun, family friendly and lighthearted storytelling, filmmakers created 30 to 45 second videos showcasing how the BarkBath can turn messy dogs from duds to studs.

Our Approach

BISSELL had no strict storyboards; only broad concepts they were interested in pursuing. Zooppa helped BISSELL flush out their ideas and write a specific creative brief to guide filmmakers. Because this project was product focused Zooppa sent out BarkBath systems to several top tier filmmakers who pledged to participate. We then opened the project to our network, and advertised the project across all Zooppa social media channels.

BISSELL was provided with a dedicated Zooppa project manager who supported them throughout the production process. The PM was tasked with providing the client with weekly updates, moderating all videos that came in through the Zooppa platform as well as handling the revisions and payments to winning filmmakers.

The Results

BISSELL received 46 unique video submissions, and both BISSELL and Zooppa were highly impressed with the quality, and quantity of submissions received for this project. BISSELL loved the resulting videos so much, they selected an additional eight to purchase after the top five winners were chosen.

Our five award winners were selected because their videos were heartwarming, innovative, and paid careful attention to BISSELL’s needs. Our most successful filmmakers used the BarkBath to tell unique stories as opposed to focusing on obvious product placement. The winner focused on the sentimental messy side of motherhood, while the third place video featured a humorous family interaction about the difficulties of dog bathing. An open project model meant filmmakers from around the country, all with different visions for the project, submitted, and BISSELL had a variety of videos and ideas to choose from.

The final spots will be used in Bissell’s digital marketing channels.

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