Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest distributor of kiwifruit, exporting their delicious kiwi to over 60 countries around the world.

Ketchum, one of the world’s leading public relations and advertising firms, came to Zooppa in need of an engaging video supporting the launch of Zespri’s summer campaign for SunGold Kiwis.

Zespri and Ketchum logos

The Mission

There were three specific goals for this campaign:

  • Raise awareness;
  • Induce product excitement in potential consumers;
  • And increase overall demand of the kiwifruits.

Zespri wanted a light hearted, music-centered spot focusing on the sunny, yellow flesh of the SunGold kiwi and its association to summertime, warmth, and all the happiness that comes with it.

One filmmaker was selected to create a 90 second, summer solstice themed video. The spot had the potential to be used outside the US market and as such, no dialogue or script were included in the creative brief. Instead, Zespri selected upbeat music paired with happy, dancing people to showcase the fun of the SunGold Kiwis.

Our approach

Zooppa had limited time to organize and complete the project, (just four weeks!) but were involved in all aspects of pre-production, filming, and post-production. Zooppa identified five suitable filmmakers in Southern California. Each prepared a unique storyboards based on Ketchum’s creative brief.

After Ketchum and Zooppa collectively selected a winner, Zooppa’s project manager provided around the clock support - including a visit to San Diego for the shoot - in order to ensure the video not only met, but exceeded client expectations.

The Results

The content served as a pitch tool for earned media and influencers, and lives across all Zespri social channels (YouTube, FB, Twitter, IG), where it also received paid amplification.

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