Ferrero Rocher: the golden experience

We were contacted by Ferrero Rocher's Global Marketing to carry out an open global contest aimed at collecting videos from all over the world. The videos were to be used eventually for online and offline communication activities, including events and conferences. We were also asked to produce a video mash-up to be used for an internal company event.

Ferrero Rocher

The Mission

The challenge was to collect videos from all over the world, through our great community.
From some of the best videos selected by Ferrero Rocher, we then coordinated the production of a 2 minutes’ mash-up.

Given the customer's goal, Zooppa initially managed a global “open” contest and secondly the direct production of the video mash-up, coordinating the video editor and the sound designer. An original music track was also created for the mash-up.

To get the best results, Zooppa:

  • involved key market users through targeted promotional activities (paid advertising and partner activation).
  • delivered the product to interested users.
  • invited a group of international “pro users” in certain geographical locations of interest to the client, involving them directly in the project.
Ferrero Rocher

The Result

We collected more than 200 videos from 20 countries and awarded 10 prizes for a total of €25k.

Watch the winning video.

The video mash-up was presented during the Ferrero Rocher Global meeting.

  • 200+videos
  • 20countries
  • €25kawarded

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