Increasing Brand Search by 200% with Meaningful, Affordable Content

eHarmony came to Zooppa with a simple goal in mind—to develop video content for their social channels that would engage their target market and encourage viewers to download their newly updated app.

To ensure that eHarmony would have full creative control throughout the process, Zooppa asked top filmmakers to first submit concepts for review prior to any production. From there, eHarmony would review the proposals and select which filmmaker they’d like to work with.

Once selected, eHarmony worked directly with the filmmaker throughout production, providing insight and feedback each step of the way. To date, eHarmony and Zooppa have worked together on the production of seven hilarious and heartwarming videos.

The Mission

For each of the seven videos produced, eHarmony provided a set of loose guidelines to the filmmakers, such as: create a proposal for an engaging video that is up to one minute in length, taking into account the target market and leaving the viewer feeling a little bit goofy and very relatable; happy and lighthearted; intrigued to download that app.

The Results

eHarmony received over twenty proposals from filmmakers during the course of the various production phases, ultimately selecting three filmmakers to produce the content.

By selecting which filmmakers they wanted to work with, and having the option of working with the same filmmaker twice, eHarmony was able to develop a working relationship with each filmmaker, implement real-time creative review and control over production, and leave the less exciting logistical details to Zooppa.

To date, six of the seven completed videos have been shared on YouTube, Facebook, and one has even made it into broadcast testing on Australian TV. Combined, the six videos have received over 2.5 million views to date.

Zooppa’s production process was seamless and affordable, and it’s why we came back multiple times to get meaningful content created with top-notch directors. While we’re over the moon about the finalized spots, we’re even happier that viewers are enjoying and responding to the stories too.

In a recent test, we saw as high as a 200% increase in brand search for people who viewed the video vs. those who hadn’t. I’m optimistic that we’ll have a long future with Zooppa and their filmmakers.

Candice Na, Senior Marketing Manager, Acquisition at eHarmony

Check out our blog for behind the scenes shots from the set of Wheel of Love by Laurel Cohen.

  • 20+ proposals
  • +200% brand search
  • 2.5M+ views

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